Lumiga Collection



Q? How Many Your Minimum order?
  1.       A. Our minimum order is 500 units, Maximal have 10 styles and 3 colors each styles.

Q? What ShouldIPrepareToStart BusinessWith You?
      A. If you have never worked with a clothing manufacturer you will need a bit of experience and information for us to work with. Listed below are the steps of how each           new client initially begins the working relationship with us
            1. List a brief description of what you are wanting to produce i.e.: Casual day wear or Cotton kids t-shirts etc.
            2. Specify the type of fabric you are thinking of using (Woven or knitted fabrics)
            3. Send us Spec sheets, these are documents that contain technical drawings of   each item you want to produce with any relevant information
            4. If you don’t have Spec sheets you can provide us with an actual sample that we can copy and/or modify to your requirements.
      If you are not sure regarding any of these 4 points, don’t worry! Fill out the contact form and we will try our best to get back to you ASAP! Q?HowToMake An

AppointmentToMeetAnd WhoCanWeMeet There?
Youcansend usa messagetomake an appointmentorcontactusatouroffice. And you can find Tatik or Rini to deal with and talk directly about what aspires you make for            your business.

Q?When Can I Come To Your Office?
      A. Ourofficeis open everydayfrom Monday toSaturdayat8.30 am to5:00 pm. butonSaturdaywe areopen until3:00pm. Ourofficeis onlyclosedon Sunday.

Q?What About The Size That A Standard?
       A. For sizewefollowinternational sizeforwomen, menand children. Butifyouhave astandard sizealonewecanadjust.

Q?What Type Of Costs Are Involved?
      A. One of the most common questions is the cost involved and what short of out lay you will be looking at.
           All our prices include
             1. Fabric
             2. Any lining
             3. Sewing
             4. Trims or embellishment
             5. Care labels
             6. Quality Control
             7. Fabric dyeing or printing
             8. Packaging & packing for shipment
             9. Pattern making
           All our prices DO NOT include
             1. Shipping cost
             2. Import duties to destination country
             3. Any fabric swatches or trim samples to source

Cost obviously depends on what you want to make. In order to give an accurate cost of an item i will need either a Spec or a sample.
Sampling is subjected to a 30% loading fee of the wholesale price. So a $10 top will cost $13 for us to sample.

Wholesale prices are based on the type of fabric you pick out or specify. If you have something in mind but don’t want to pay premium, let us know and we will suggest some cheaper alternatives.

If you still have any questions who do not mentioned here. You could send us email at contact us.